Its been a while. been busy with work the usual. Cant blog that much, actually nowadays i prefer to read rather than doing my own blog. really like to read on Abe's Site. www.yugatech.com he update he's website pretty well. maybe he pay some few researchers to do updates for him. :) anyway he's pretty good at this stuff and also he is quite enjoying the spotlight. interviews here and and there. Latest interview he have was with Mel & Joey @ GMA7. ( better yet check his website for more info) lot of nice topics there.

You may want to see this link http://www.leenks.com/link79924.htm A nice video showing Lebron James doing 5 shots from more than half distance court, he is strong but i believe he got very very lucky here. Check it out.

How Dirty is Your Cellphones?

Cell phones can carry more germs than toilets and may make you sick.

I think im pretty sluggish and definitely primitive in writing. though somehow im able to express myself. but in the way that i know. I have been thinking of expanding my Website. maybe buy my personal domain. but unfortunately i tried tracing beeps.com its already owned by somebody else. so on with the brainstorming "what will be the name of my website?" Im thinking that Abe's website would be my pattern in some sections. Add to that is it really worth it investing in your own personal website? or maybe you simply rely on Free space/domain providers, sample of this blogspot. Is my website really getting some visitors? those are some questions that i need to discover and most likely should base my decision on investing to it.

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