Monday, im late here at the office pero okei lang... We have a meeting yesterday at home, Ali, Tong, Vilma, Abe and Alwell. Thanks for coming over guys! and syempre my dear dear Jhoanna with her inaanak(sam). Thanks po. :)

Hmm... find out all bout you, the more I found out, it changed my world and dazzled me, Everything about you, how smart you, how good you are, the way you smile, simple things that enchanted me, you completely hooked me up under your spell... like a poison that goes deep down into my heart. I Love you so much...

There are few things that denoted my life. A Lot of changes occur, a lot of embedded sculpture that riveted essentially.
All those thematic scenarios have been delegated to let me realized, For all those happiness and sorrows.
In one majestic road we call Life.

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