Finally Ive decided to continue my project car... my 1967 Volkswagen sedan. was able to bring her last wednesday at mang herran's vw autoshop. for a major body repair and body paint. Im hoping that everything would be alright. honestly ive already lost count on how much ive been spending on my vintage sedan. maybe around 80k or so... i dont know.. just dont wanna think about it. Im pretty sure once my beetle is done. wow! it will be truly a great and amazing ride, me and my beetle. alrighty!!! hmmmm Ive been planning to post some pictures here, what i mean i would love to post some progress with my beetle. something like a day by day progress on the repairs and reconstruction.

Almost forgot, i'll be going back to back this June for my MBA, here near our office. (Jose Rizal University) it would be a 2years schooling for me. I hope I could stay focus on it and would be able to graduate my mba masters. then next project is to have my masters at LAW. (sabe nga nila, pagka gusto madaming paraan pagka-ayaw madaming dahilan).

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