Alas!!! finally after 3months. from the autoshop my beetle is finally done.
check it out at http://www.pbase.com/beepskie/mybeetle

The whole restorating process was pretty exciting and thrilling. a lot of problems gone through like hard to find body parts, and so fort. though im very much happy and contented with the output of my beetle. Dugo't pawis ko yan! and Im proud of it...

after few days fresh from the autoshop, it went out of town. zambales, a 3 and a half road trip.
gas up for 500.00php .... velocity costs that time is around 27.10 that would be around 18.45 liters. correct if im wrong. one way going to san marcelino, zambales consumed 250php of gasonline w/c i think would be around 10liters? imagine that so fuel conserving.

and last sunday Aug 29, 2004 bought a new 51amps alternator for my beetle, since i only have a 35amps, im just getting ready for my next project, w/c is installing an aircon system on it. :)
hopefully this coming Dec. :)

I got a group, beetle friends as i call them, been thinking about a name for our group.
and also a website addy.
We usually meet every friday night, Caltex Visayas Ave. Q.C. @ 9pm.

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