I went to the beetle shop yesterday, and brought all the engine parts w/c i recently bought, mang Eran the master mechanic have it checked.. and we found out that the engine block do have a saddle on its bearing... and cant be used :( hay hay ... wat a sad story. I single handedly cleaned that block so that once i bring it to the machine it wont that messy at all... unfortunately here is the bad news.... the block is unusable. if i still want to use it ill be spending around 10k or more.... too expensive aight.... so what am i going to do. ill just used the pistons, then the heads. have it ported and polished. thats it install it in my block. then i have a 1500cc engine. pretty cool. :) then im planning to replaced my plates. namely the clutch plate and pressure plate.(200mm) , im still thinking of it.

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