few days have passed, at least everything went well, my report for my mba subject specifically financial management went well. my our trip to zambales was okay., I was with my mom btw. the beetle made some impressive moves along the North Expressway, engine was running on the haste. around 120kph. and my mom didnt even bother to tell me to reduced my speed. hehehe...
Cant wait for December. I need to rebuild my new engine., pretty sure hp will increased. And more thing., Me and my brother discovered that I was a Super beetle tranny., I think that's why my 1300c engine is a bit speedy differ from other 1300 engines. :-)

The Slalom and drag racing competition is getting (Nov 28, 2004) this would be my first time to attend this event. I bet I will surely enjoy the event.

Then on Dec 5, 2004 the most awaited VW Show. :-)

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