darn, this is the 5th time i tried to post here in my blog. something is itchy wrong as soon as i press the publish post button thingy. might be by browser since im using mozilla firefox, just might be. Philippines is being stunned by typhoons as it slashes the whole country. i remember is winnie then currently is yoyong, with an air speed of 180kph. and lot of families from Quezon province was hammered, toll death reached 500. (this is bcoz of winnie). how much more if yoyong blasted its machine gun and shower away all across the Philippines. I saw some footages from tv, houses 12feet under, families are on their roofs waiting for help in some ways. i hope the gov't would give out their best to accomodate all of their needs. some dead bodies swarmed on the deep mud. and as rescuers drag them to the ground. and let their families identify them. dead bodies are beginning to smell, and a mass burial should be done. As you just look at their faces you could feel the sorrowness in them. me and my mom are fixing our old clothes and some canned goods, will be bringing it to Abs-Cbn, later this evening. a little help would be great.

anyway, ill be going to mang nards auto shop at buendia, have my beetle fix, some replacements of parts are needed. hope everything would be alright.

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