went zambales yesterday... went out of Manila around 6:30am then we arrived by 9:30am. pretty smooth driving since there is no traffic, not too many cars are on the highway yesterday spent some time with my cousins... then we went back here at by 6pm, we got here here around 11pm, nggrrr traffic on baliktawak exit, a long one. darn. so tiring. and yet still have to go out, to meet some friends, drink couple of beers, have a chat with them. then went home around 4am, and im so darn sleepy. then wokeup around 7am to go here at the office, and here.. just have few hours of sleep. hay.... by 2005, i promise myself to sleep more and a little bit more. to define my year 2004, its a very buzy year, went to abroad for the first time, switzerland then later went to Hongkong. our Baguio trip was cancelled due to some very important matter to deal with. but our dears friends continued the venture, and they where mad with me, bcoz i we did not joined them. hirap ng lang dalawa lang.. heheh walang pwede kumuha ng pictures.... been to zambales many times this year since my beetle was restored. im very happy at napapakinabangan sya in terms of travelling to distant places. went to tagaytay as well. been really travelling a lot this year. :=)

I wish I could travel more next year. to be continued.....

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