Do you know Ray Charles?. A multitalented blind black musician, Ray Charles pioneered soul music, which became enormously popular among both black and white audiences beginning in the late '50s. In secularizing certain aspects of gospel music (chord changes, song structures, call and response techniques, and vocal screams, wails, and moans) and adding blues based lyrics, he virtually invented a new genre of music. Last Saturday a good friend of mine invited me and milet do watch a movie. so basically right after my class i meet them at Megamall. and decided which movie to watch, and there is this movie "RAY" Starring by Jamie Fox and i was thinking if the is a click.I was thinking of watching 'Constantine' a movie starring Keanu Reeves. anyway we decided to watch RAY, and I tell you there was no dull moment on watching this movie. I was so excited and wanna watch it again.. hehehe... anyway here is Ray Charles website for more info about him. http://www.raycharles.com/ So guys I do recommend you to watch this movie. Awesome movie I tell you.
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