Hi to ALL, days gone by, two days more and its February.and ten more months its December again. christmas ulit. hehe. oh well, the usual routine i have, i work, i go to school for my MBA Classes, within the year i'll finish my mba curriculum, and now im thinking what should i study next? should it be "LAW"? or go for CISCO (if possible be taking it up at Mercalco Foundation Institute) which is related with my career. or continue with MPA (Master in Public Administration) which would only take me 18units more. more or less a year again with JRU. What would it be? What would be the next step that i should do with my education? should i stop enrolling in school, or should i start applying for jobs off-abroad?

Most of my friends are busy working. here and abroad. some are pretty successfull with their career choices. Im turning another year this 2006 and what would it be? would it be another year learning? or a year of changing jobs? What would it be for me? my mom is suggesting that to study LAW, at least one subject per trimester. What do you think ?

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