ei, its been months now. its a black saturday today, went to subic for a swim, at nabasan resort yesterday, on our way there, while driving saw a gray honda civic from the other road, ei thats our good ol friends, dennis & cha. they went to subic since wednesday and they are going home. Ive invited them to go back for a one more swim. and there you go. a bunch of 2pairs. went swimming, under the scorching sun. Pretty cool!

last february went to a 4day trip to went to Bicol,ive drove 8 to 9hours straight, darn, was so tiring. unfortunately wasnt appreciate much of the attractions there, it was raining like hell, when we got there.till the 4th day, just imagine what a vacation i got. nggrrr.. sayang! ei guess few weeks from now and its my birthday. its on 3rd of may. so whoever get to read this, please dont forget to greet me. hehehe. thanks in advance!

Well, its been good, i have a time of my life, wasnt merely existing, instead im living my life. :=)
technically ill be busy with office sooner of later, might be right after my bday bash. so thats why im spending my quality time to enjoy and relax.

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