There are some events that i dont how to handle anymore. its too much for my mind, and for my heart. I just cant understand why can i dont have a happy life? I have struggled for happiness and peace. and yet till now the reality bites me. Ive been wishing and praying that everything would be alright. and things would work out smooth and yet some issues from the past where still issues until now. after how many years and still, it still hunts me. I was keep on telling that was a thing from the past. Everything is a thing of the past and its doesnt have anything to do with my present except for the fact that past mold me for being a better person.

my heart cries so loud, that i dont know how handle things anymore. it beckons me my feelings on how my much it hurts me.

For how long will this take? for how long would i suffer the pain in me?
I have Love and continually loving from the edge of my life. And what does it offer?

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