Buzy as hell here at the office. as i was predicting few weeks ago, this would take a month or i dont know. $%#$$!@#&^*! $#!t! Nggrrr hay. Now where was i? Okay. Migrating to a new sytems is no easy. Setting up 20+ Multi-grabbers (thats what we call them) Which are all on Linux platform. (Ubuntu Linux) So basicaly whats is main objective? This Multi-grabbers primary objective is to "GRAB" Video and Audio Feeds from different Stations. (Eg. MTV, CNN, BBC ... etc) This multi-grabbers saves the data. Then Merge it with the Viewing data. and Whalah! you now have a Television Audience Measurement Data (TAM) Anyway there still a lot things to explain on how this process goes, just like to make it simple to further be understand (I hope) Its been days now that the activity is at its race, like the cars at the Tokyo Drift movie.heart pounding action.Sleepless days counting. (Wala Uwian ang karamihan) Even saturday's and sunday's are not excuse (Yes, May Pasok po kame ng Sat and Sun. Laban pa naman si PACMAN,Kainis!) Oh well, its worth it, as we finish all of these, i hope there would be an ease on our operations. ( I Pray for it) I hope there would be less harassing work moments ( Alleluah!)

So thats all now. Have a Great Day to ALL!

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