another pix. recent updates where very alarming, i discovered that my Engine block have a crack on the lips insert for the distributor. nasty, and it crippled another budget instead that it would go for a different equipment be needed for the engine. My brother is currently in Marikina right now looking for an Engine Block for my Project, i just hope that his searching will turn-out alright.

Last week i was able to buy my distributor @ 3thou. which includes 009 distributor and Compufire. panalo na daw yung presyo so i took it.

This project would be taking some more time. Im not in a hurry. I dont wanna rush things, not like before that i usually want it to happen right away, but its not right. now i wanna make it right. Patience is a virtue in all walks of life. and its importancy on certain project is very important.

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