What a Year to End. 2006. Unforgettable Bashing moments.

I was food poisoned. honestly cant remember what did i ate. might i have a biggy feeling it was the Isaw and a bottle of Redhorse that i ate & drunk last friday dec29, while i was @ kuya Efraims' auto shop (my neighbor) Dec 30, 2006 when i wokeup i was way past 11 in the morning so i ate my brunch at my mom's place. tinapa and tuna fish where served, then me and millette went out around 3pm to print out some pictures from our digicam,at that point in time. bigla na lang ako nilamig. then my stomache got the aches. when we where at the mall. we ate meryende still. millette ate shawarma and i ate hotdog sandwich. after eating i already told her that im not feeling well... so went home around 5pm. then by 6pm we ate our dinner. just a egg sandwich. then by midnight. where gonna meet some of millette's college friends to hangout with. supposed where gonna dine @ Little Asia unfortunately it was too crowded so the gang decided to dine @ kimono ken instead. as soon we entered to resto. i feel dizzy already. im not really feeling well. my stomache aches. my head is turning upside down, though i still manage to sit and start with my would, few spoons of fried rice and prawns, and i felt that i gonna throwup i manage to go to the bathroom. luckily no one was inside. on that very moment till last night. i was spending my time at my bed. damn. ive spent the New Year with this awkward feeling.

Lesson Learned: No More Isaw! Never in my Existence na kakain ulit ako nyan! P~&+@Ñg !n@!!!!!

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