almost a month that wasnt able to post here. last day ko with AGB Nielsen Media Research Philippines last Feb 22, been jobless for a while then after a week a company called me up for a job. and now already here with the company. APL Philippines (Website www.apl.com) Actually today is my first day here. so far so good. :)

By the way 3 weeks akong nag bakasyon... hindi ako masyado nakapag enjoy since Millette was out of town for a conference. but its okay. Milo's sound setup was done except for the problem with the tweeters and cross overs.

May bago na naman akong alaga. anak ni Calcium. i named her Vivi. :-> a 1 month old puppy.

*brief about Calcium, Calcium is a a very instelligent dog. owned by Tony Arevalo, founding president for Cucinero.

i almost forgot there was this tieup between our company "Cucinero" with Taheebo. so the company is now called "Taheebo Cucinero"

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