Few of my friends just discovered that i have my own blogspot. last saturday while we where in our very important meeting for our holy week outing. i showed them my blogspot, Well feel free to sign-in and read some slice history of my life. Most of the unforgettable events are here. sometimes it goes cheezy, nasty, boriiinggg... and some stuff that would make you smile. The reason why i started blogging few years back is just simply to tell some stuff about my life. but now its after few years more, its been different. It has been a history something that i could go back to and read.

maiba naman tyo hehe.... few days more and where leaving for Batangas.

Attendees :
1. me
2. babymilo
3. Cha
4. Denz
5. Marmey
6. Rhyan

All set for my 1st ever Holy Week Long weekend Vacation after almost 7 years of working with a media research company. :>

* Baket? kase on-call support ako dun, Security guard ng mga Server, kelangan mag data processing ng sat or sun. kung hinde matatambakan ako ng trabaho. pati generator pagka may problema kame din nagaasikaso (minsan lang yan ha di naman lage)

But anyway im so glad and naka lipat din agad ako ng company. im connected with a shipping line company. :>

Cha, ill be expecting you to read at least once or twice a week hehehe. :>


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