Google launches Powerpoint clone

It’s out and the entire online productivity suite is complete — Google Documents, Spreadsheet and Presentation. Here’s a rundown of what it can and cannot do as of this moment:

So, what’s inside the box?

  • Fifteen simple built-in Presentation Themes
  • Ability to import Microsoft PowerPoint files
  • Able to Export HTML file
  • Basic Image Manipulation
  • Basic Text Formatting
  • Revision Tracking (Versioning)
  • Collaboration
  • Online Sharing

Things I missed OR things that should have been there in the first place:

  • No object animations of any sort
  • No slide transition effects at all
  • Sound Embed
  • Video Embed
  • Too few Fonts!
  • Exporting to MS PowerPoint (so I can switch use between the two)

The advanced text and image editing are also missing. Not sure how they’d implement the slide transition and object animation on the web page. Some really tricky CCS magic perhaps?

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