Its been a month since my last post here @ my blog $#!+. Ang bilis ng panahon and wala ng isang buwan pasko na naman.hate to admit it but when you get in the class/subnet of my age, xmas no longer exist... its really meant for the kids. baket? kase sila na lang pede manghingi ng pamasko. ngayon ako na ang hinihingian ng pamasko. hehe... before i use to list the names to whom im going to, to ask for xmas gifts, my ninongs, ninang, tito, tita, tito kuno and tita kuno... pero ngayon nagbago na listahan ko... a list people whom i gonna give gifts.

So far this xmas season is so unique that our company is moving office within season. target date of movement will start on the 21th until the 28th. currently our office construction is on-going as well as our IT Infrastructure build out. another reason for me that there is no xmas this year.

The Volkswagen Club of the Philippines Vw show is happening this coming December 2, 2007. its few days from today, getting excited of how the show would turn out. also learned na may show din sa December 1 sa Alabang. im not sure with the details though, i hope i could visit this dec1 vw show unfortunately i have school every saturdays.

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