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Bellini’s Italian Restaurant

For the past couple of years, Cubao has undergone a lot of major changes. It was not long ago when I had to commute everyday, during those times Cubao is the most stressful place I had to go through every school day. Now there are better malls and improved transportation (LRT2). On one side of Cubao is Marikina Shoe Expo, a place filled with creativity and nostalgia. Its where some of the big names in shoe business has been founded, aside from that it is now occupied by antique stores, art galleries, and restaurants. One of these restaurants is Bellini’s authentic Italian Restaurant

A bit of history…

Bellini’s is run by Mr.Roberto Bellini a former Italian paparazzo. Roberto met his wife Maria Luisa here in the Philippines when he was sent here for an assignment to cover the EDSA revolution. They got married and went to Italy, after a more than a decade and 3 children, they went back to put up Bellini’s Italian Restaurant. The restaurant is featured a couple of times in print, television and recently in the movies. A scene from the movie “One more chance” by John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo was shot here, that was when we decided to have dinner together with friends in this nice hidden place.

The Ambiance

Our first time wasn’t really pleasant, it was around Christmas last year, we were waiting for our friends to arrive outside. As soon as they arrive they closed the establishment so we have to look for another place to held our “Christmas Party”. A couple of weeks later we finally had a chance to dine. As soon as we were seated, I ask permission if I can shoot around, the waiter politely said “Yes”.

The whole place is adorned with paintings, even the ceiling on the main dining room has painting of a large family dining together, I can only think of how difficult it is for the painter to do that painting :).

Aside from the main dining area, there are two function rooms good for private functions for around 18 guests. While shooting I noticed Roberto stared at me for a while, it was only later when I realized that he is a former lens man.

Two walls were hanged with photos and newspaper clips, the photos were Roberto Bellini’s most proud work when he was still a paparazzo in Italy. I recognized a photo of the late Luciano Pavarotti hanged on one of the walls.

The waiter offered us their Pasta Platter, mixed slices of Pan Pizza and a pitcher of Iced Tea, we have no idea what to pick in the Menu since they’re all Italian so we gave it a go.

Shortly after, our pasta platter has arrived - a regular Italian spaghetti, seafood pasta, ravioli and our favorite spicy spaghetti with chili, garlic in olive oil.

Mixed pizza.

As a complementary, we are served with Bellini’s own concoction which he called “Vino Samto” wine. It tasted good but I’m no wine drinker.

Overall, the food is truly great but its in a bit expensive side (Italian food is always expensive!), our total bill was around 2,000 pesos. But that doesn’t stop us from going back a few weeks later.

We just couldn’t take our minds off the Contadina (spicy spaghetti in olive oil, garlic and chili P180)

Pollo alla diavola
(grilled chicken w/ herps and spices P200). I must say that its really hard to choose your order from the menu if you don’t have any idea since they’re in Italian.

How to find Bellinis

Bellini’s Italian Restaurant is inside the Marikina Shoe Expo in Cubao, which is at the back of Shopwise in Cubao. Pay parking is available in front of the restaurant.

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