Check LTO Vehicle Registration via SMS

Here's a (quite) new and easy way to check registration of your car registration status at the Land Transportation Office (LTO) using just one text message:

to check with LTO, send a message like this : LTOspaceVEHICLEspaceABC123

to 2600


ABC123 is your vehicle's PLATE NUMBER

send to 2600 (all network i.e. Smart, Talk N Text, Globe, Sun Cellular)

a sample auto-generated response for my car reads:

"Plate no: XXX888/Make:toyota/Model:vios 1.5g a/t/Year:2006/Color;subtle gold/Registered last

07/21/2006, has no LTO apprehension, has no LTO alarm. P2/text"

This is a great innovation that saves time for car owners instead of going to the LTO office in Quezon City. I can use this later to check status once I register again my car whose license will expire in a few months.

Note this is also a great tool for traffic police (Traffic Management Group) to randomly check vehicles and catch carnapped vehicles and/or red-flagged ones if they're really serious with it.

Source: Paetechie

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