"The Ugly Truth"

Lets put an end on pointing fingers, Who's fault it is? As Filipinos endure the unwanted flooding inside their house doors brought by Typhoon Ondy & Pepeng. My countrymen, admit or not. It is our fault. lahat tayo, mapa artista, politika, negosyante, empleyado, walang trabaho, mga taong umaasa lang sa gobyerno ang may kasalanan. Ngayon natukoy na naten kung sino ang may kasalanan, tama na ang turuan. mentras na gawan na lang ng solusyon eh kanya kanyang hugas kamay at turuan.

What we need right now is to create possible solutions to eventually prevent another of this disaster to happen ever again in the Philippines. We all need to collaborate. We will never know when this kind of disaster will struck us again. (How I wish it will wont)

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