Accomplishments last Year 2009.

Just feel like listing down the things that I still remember, Something that could be a basis or threshold for the years to come.

1) I was able to loose 35lbs in 5months and still going down. (That is from 195lbs)
2) I started to go on marathoning.
3) I went back going to gym.
4) I was able buy my favorite old school Japanese car.
5) Hardest thing was giving up my 1967 beetle as my daily driver.
6) Good problem: Need to replace/alter all my clothes. from 38 waist line going down to 31.
7) No Rice since July 2009.
8) No Beer. But i still drink.
9) Grown my hair back after 4years.
10) I still continue to live life, love life and live & love life to the fullest.
11) First time I tried bungee jumping (August 2009 - Bohol trip)

Anything else?

I almost forgot, its my first time to donate blood (12/28/2009) .

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