Condura Run 2010

Again, Its me against myself, the 21km was over after 2hours and 56minutes. I spent a lot of walking this time. my legs hurt on the 16th km, my hamstrings are in great pain. But I was able to end the great battle. I was able to conquer the Condura hills for the first time.

After the run, i quickly lineup to get my 21k medal, unfortunately medal run out?
for more info to the their Announcement.

And here are there results of all finishers

The run was great, but the medal that run out was very alarming, Didn't the organizers anticipate how many 21k runners was there on the grounds? Or since the organizers from medal booth was continually announcing that they forgot the medal boxes from their Makati Office; the office was not that far right? it would only take at least 15 to 30 minutes to get the medals?
then finally their quick resolution was providing an email of Vic Pielago. instructions was send email to this guys(I bet you will get a lot of ass-kicking emails). provide your BIB Number and to where you want your medal be ship to. Well I hope they can do that soon. Till the next Condura Run.

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