"Decision to Run MiLo Marathon July 4, 2010"

Well its was not exactly planned to do the Full Marathon(42) this year, not unless my office John, informed us that he is running the long 42k, and after he announce it, Me & Ron was also thinking about running the 42k, so this decision was hunting for like 3 weeks away from the race day, so i got so little time to do some program training. but of course ive been running almost every @ Mall of Asia , at least 5k to 10k every morning but still i dont think that would be enough to just simply jump and race the full mary thing, I check on every aspects if this is still doable. my last long runs where the Nature Valley run (May 30, 2010 @ 21k) & then the every memorable funky Philippine Independence run (June 12, 2010 @ 15). my PR's are quick and okay so far, but what really halts me was distance. Can I cope up with longetivity? Will i get the endurance and energy that I would be needing for this 42k race? So I went to each and every aspects. Look on all possibilities on what kind of training should I do. So after a day or two since John decided to run the 42k, Me & Myself decided to do this. So "This is it" The moment of truth, I'll be running the very First Full Mary. I respected this distance so much that I immediately jump for it and make it happen. Actually before my deciding to run the 42k on Milo july4, my initial plan was to run the 42k by next year (Condura Marathon 2011) So after that I read and read all information about running the 42k. Well the usual rituals on running different distances, but for 42k you really need listen to your body, Eat right, sleep right. train harder and better to perform right. But since this is my first 42k I dont need to be competitive, I respect the distance & I want to complete it.

ei, It been a while since I blog, and likely i would be blogging more and all about running and my running experiences, So last year I just wanted to loose weight by going to the gym, do some running and dieting but then it went on, and now im living it as my lifestyle. Im done now. so ill be updating my blogspot hopefully later or within the week. -Beeps

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