Running PAU 65k.

Yes, another feat. another dimension, another height.call it anything your way, So this is official me and my officemate John will be running our first ever Ultramarathon. Details are @ Baldrunner website.

Honestly this crazy idea was not on our mind. But after my Milo Marathon I realize I can still do some more. the trainings that I did really paid off and much to my knowledge, If im going to do all of those again i will be able to accomplish the BDM 65k.

Getting addicted to RUNNING?

Hell yeah, At least not into things aint good to your body. When you see an open road with a nice cloudy sky and temperature is normal and with the air breeze, Whoa! Its like eating Ice Cream for me. :-) Oh Dear, anyway even if those elements are not around, no one can stop me from running. oh by the way one trivia about me, Its been a year that i tasted ice cream. hehe.... I was tested with this during the the Nature Valley Leg2 of the Runrio marathons, One of the giveaways is Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream! upon getting at the end of the race. My girlfriend Millette and officemate was at my back and drool over the yummy ice cream... Told take it aways girls, I dont eat ice cream as you know. :-) haha hold up, is this about getting addicted to running? or about not digesting those ice cream. well well... anything goes. got to go... ciao!

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