Woopss.. take note that my blog site is all about me, my adventures, my discipline, the reality that comes unexpected. Well I've started blogging since 2002.

8 long years has past, make me wonder and think, during my younger days. I use to write things, stuff about me, about my life, stories in little way, things that I do everyday. things about love & relationships. Things that make a $h!t out of me, About those strong feelings that is unwanted. about satisfactions, achievements and history. Well its all here. written and maybe somewhat documented(Siguro?)

I'm not a good writer. I'm bad with english writing. But still I was able to express myself.
Though sometimes unclear and without any direction at all.

Through the years this blog of mine has live and exist. I'm quite astonish and happy that until now it does exist. (Better think of doing some backups anytime hehe)

Thank you blogspot for keeping my site up and running since 2002. :-)
Thank you for sharing the years of my life.

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