Last Sunday, (Jan 20) my dear rest day, surf the whole day, suddenly my dear friends abe and genesis called, and about an hour and so, im with them already hehehe... anyway got home around 10pm (i think) then yesterday, the usual go to work, the usual daily routine, puteeekkk!!! alang magawa!!! %#$%!*|$^#%^ nag-brownout! kainis .pero okei lang work stoppage hehehe... Birthday ng Boss ko, kaya yun the ala kaming magawa lahat nagchibugan na lang kame, abah di talaga magpapaawat nagpabili ng alak!!! hehehehe whoa! cooL!!! inuman kame sa office.. That was really fun! but have to leave early got to go to church with cindy, kaso nga lang nung text ako pauwi na daw sila, pero okei lang i went straight to church, until i find out out na nandun pala sila. Okei lang late na nila nah-receive yung text ko kase. after the mass we've decided to have our dinner, then tong,genesis & vilma joined us..... and the rest is history.... after dinner went to ali's pad to accompany Vilma, then punta naman ako sa haus ng Boss ko, Inuman to the Maxxxxx!!!!! grabeh halo-halo na alak ang tinoma ko. Went hoMe around 2:00am. Im dead drunk!, buti na lang nakauwi ako, grabeh amats kow!!!!!! ...

Whew! What a day!

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