Oh mY!!!! Am I really workaholic ??? ... geezz it's almost 2am in the morning and here iam, im still here at the office. argghh.... malapit na akong mag-24hours dito sa office ha hehehe.... grabeh ang sakit naH ng LeeG ko... work.work work work paH rin!!! .... oh weLL... mY day went well, except for the alam mo na, I've been thinking about her, shucks ala na ata akong magawa kundi isipin sya... nggggrrr alandyong Love yan!!! $%#&#*& *sigh* .. oh by the way I almost forgot some of mY e-friends are inviting me this coming saturday night for this drippin` trance party.... I'm still thinking if im gonna go with them. wat the HeCk, minsan lang naman eH.... hehehehe.... geeezz that heavy feeling miss that! tiMe to wReck the freakiN Life again.... must haVe been really something got into meeH.... as they say $H!t happens....

swaLLow meeH !!! hope to get some of those Candy foR fRee hehehehe YeBaH!!! i ReaLLY feeL Like switching my head back into time... alright!!!

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