It's Almost 7 months now since my last post here at my blog. medyo matagal-tagal na din yun ha... never thought this blog would still be online, madami ng lumipas na mga araw, madami na din mga pangyayare sa buhay-buhay, and it seems that everything is doing alright. I was really buzy with office, I even go at the office even during weekends and holidays. All those technical stuff really turn my head upside down. anyway all those things that ive done for work was a big success in my part, I was able to migrate our database from NT platform to Linux. That was my greatest accomplishment for the year 2002, I also earned an award, given to me last Dec 19, 2002, It was given to me because of the dedication and all the hard work that ive done. I was named as one of the AGB's 4 ACES for the Year 2002. One of the highest Award that I've ever received in my entire career. Want to Thank all the people who have supported all the way. Thank you all! Cheers! Happy New Year to ALL!!!

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