4 days before christmas, and yet here iam buzy with my job, ill be goin to office at the 24th, 25th on the 27th, on the 30th,31st, and on the 2nd day of january 2005. the new year has come. what a life i have. my sister is spending his 1 week there in dubhai. she is pretty okay, was able to talk to her yesterday, she have tons of request. hehe, home sick for sure. our Vw orgs xmas party was move supposedly it should be tomorrow, some of the members requested set it on the 23rd. its okay with me. im pretty sure most of the guys will be there... for we dont have work on the 24th. this would be exciting. yippee! i mean them.. hehe.... hay

Rod,offered me his mag wheels but unfortunately i cant buy 'em well off-course budget contraints and so on and so fort. nggrrr i wish i could get those magz, it would really look great on my beetle. hayy......

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