8 days before Christmas, and still I dont feel the existence of such season. might be one reason is that im buzy with my job,buzy with my masters, buzy with my sideline jobs, buzy with my business. buzy with my girl, buzy with my family. basically buzy with my life. Eventually I was shock early this morning, my officemate told we wont be getting any xmas bonus. and I have lots of plans for that money. I was totally furious about it. i was so mad. anyway I was able to talk to one from the management. and well he gave me a reasonable answer to my very much applausable query. hehe..... I just hope it would be given to us before this year ends.

I'll be going to Zambales by the 26th of December, then by the 27th be going to tagaytay, i hope.
it would be a very buzy weekend. thats for sure, lots of xmas parties and stuff.

by the way FPJ is dead, he dies few days ago. I cant imagine he's no longer existing in this world. no life at all. but memories will always be unforgotten. dwell to the mystic irony of life. live, then exist for few years, go through the stages of life, then sooner or later you die.

till nxt tym. ciao!

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