after again a month was able to update my dear beep blog. yeah its been a while quite busy with different things. Finally as this september started ive decided to start to workout. Ive been gaining weight since last year, actually that was april when i came back here in the Philippines from Switzerland. just imagine when i was there, my breakfast was with beer, my lunch was with beer then my dinner was with beer. hehehe. i really did gain a lot of those fatso, calories. nggrrr.. anyway back to the current news and events of my life. bought my very own TV. its not really expensive but I could say to myself its brand new. be buying my own dvd player this sunday. brand new as well. Came to realized its really hard to buy your own stuff.oh well, thats all for now. have to go and attend my 5:30pm class at for my MBA, See yah all! ciao!

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