ei its me again after few weeks of workout. just cant imagine i lost 20lbs., but it really does need discipline unto me, diet. workout at least 3times a week. cant imagine ive been doing a lot of things at the same time. I work. I study for my mba. then I go to gym at least 3times a week. then i have my vw org to attend every friday night. then every saturday need to go to the autoshop for my beetle checkup and maintenance. everything seems all in schedule. But sometimes there are things that we need to priority first. so this schedule would be interrupted. :D

Oh by the way i almost forgot my sister is here in Manila, she got here last Sept 19. our Moms birthday. a very big surprise for our mom. she'll be staying here in for at least a month or 2. She is on a business trip re: work related stuff.

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