Ei guess what bought our very own Refrigerator last sunday. just been delivered last tuesday at our pad. Nov 22. im very happy to see that things are improving and hoping for better.

At long last, my long awaited dream would finally come true this coming December, my beetle is scheduled for carpeting tomorrow early in the morning care Mang Rading, very skilled with his craft,trusted by many. need to be at his place by 6AM. then by 2nd wk or 3rd wk of December be scheduled for my aircon setup at Noni Sagum's Auto Shop at proj.4 Very important to inform him earlier if what would be the specific date that i'll turnover my beetle to them. Installation would be done within 2days. that includes testing and other technical aspects that needed to be done.

hayyyy... a dream come true. cant imagine after 2yrs of dreaming on having my aircon setup, it will finally come true.

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