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Escudero humbled by top ranking; Legarda’s okay being no. 2
By Maila Ager
Last updated 03:57pm (Mla time) 05/15/2007

MANILA, Philippines -- Opposition senatorial bet Francis “Chiz” Escudero said he was “thankful” and “humbled” by the results of partial and unofficial media-sponsored quick counts showing him on top of the senatorial race.

“I am thankful and at the same time humbled. Still, we need to be vigilant until the end of the account,” Escudero said in a text message on Tuesday.

Escudero’s fellow opposition candidate and former senator Loren Legarda, who has been topping the surveys before the elections, was equally elated although she had been ranking second in the media tallies.

“Although it’s still early and we know that a lot of things can still happen, I am thankful to everyone who have helped and continue to help and to the millions of voters whose votes we will still get. I am grateful,” Legarda said in Filipino in an interview Tuesday.

And while she admitted that she was targeting the number one spot, Legarda said she would still be grateful even if she would be number two.

Legarda had said that if she did not end up in the top spot, she would have been cheated.

But in the same interview on Tuesday, Legarda said that “regardless of one or two, whatever, what is important is that the votes are true” and how glad she was of the results in pre-election surveys and exit polls.

“My aim is number one. If I drop to number two, thank you. And if I drop to number 10, that will be nerve-wracking because we do not know if it is simply a case of a deluge of votes from other areas or magic. That’s why there is a need to really guard the votes,” said Legarda.

Escudero also called on the people and the media to help guard and protect not only his votes but also those of his colleagues in the opposition.

He also reiterated his appeal to the administration to make these elections free of fraud and make this one of its legacies to the Filipino people.

“Our appeal and calling, and challenge to the administration is let this be one of its legacies -- to pave the way for a clean, honest and credible election this 2007 so that if there are doubts and accusations in 2004, this year’s elections can erase them,” Escudero said.

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