We were discussing about broadband connectivities over at Rico’s blog where he’s recommending ETPI’s 5Mbps package for Php35,000 a month. I haven’t tried Eastern Telecoms ever so I cannot attest to their connection uptime and reliability but have heard so many complaints about their residential offerings, dubbed evoDSL.

And while I suggested getting 2 separate DSL providers and using a D-Link Load-Balancing Router to hook them both up, I also discovered PLDT has published newer bandwidth caps for its residential plans.

Same price points but increased bandwidths:

Package Type * Speed * Monthly Service Fee (Pesos)

Xperience * up to 1.0 Mbps * Php999

Xcite * up to 2.0 Mbps * Php 1,995

Xcel * up to 5.0 Mbps * Php 3,000

The operative word being “up to”, read the fine print:

1. DSL type is Asymmetric DSL
2. Gradual rollout in selected areas starting January 1, 2006
3. myDSL-W (Canopy) only includes Plan 999 (384 kbps) and Plan 1995 (768 kbps)
4. Monthly Service Fees are eVAT exclusive (monthly fees with eVAT as follows: Xperience = 1019, Xcite - 2035, Xcel = 3060)
5. email format = “username@pldtdsl.net”
6. Lock-in period is 12 months (without promo)
7. Free installation except for myDSL-W (Canopy)

Gradual roll-out since January 2006? It’s 2007 already! And oh, I remember getting a call from a PLDT customer rep telling me that if I wanted to extend my contract for another yet, they’d waive my 13th month service fee.

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