Top 8 Reasons to Visit Bohol

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Bohol is found in the Visayas group of islands in the tropical country of the Philippines. Known for its friendly people, beautiful beaches, and of course the most famous Chocolate Hills, Bohol is a tourist destination through and through.

The best time to visit Bohol is in the summer when it’s easier to go visit some of the country’s popular tourist spots. When we say summer, it’s around March to May. And no, Bohol isn’t just about going to the beach, there’s more to it than meets the eye. So if you’re planning for a trip to this island, here are top 8 reasons to visit, mostly centered on the town of Panglao:

1. Chocolate Hills

When we say hills, we really mean hills! Hundreds of ‘em! Visiting Bohol for the first time, I thought it was just hype but it’s NOT! Chocolate-colored in the summer and green during the rainy months, the Chocolate Hills will astound you with their number (1268 hills according to experts). Hills as far as your eyes can see atop the viewing deck.

This is located at Carmen, Bohol. From Tagbiliran City, go to Dao bus terminal and take a ride to the town of Carmen. Get off at the Chocolate Hills complex and take a 10-minute walk up the viewing area.

2. Beaches

Bohol is surrounded by beaches and not one should disappoint. If you’re looking for a place to stay by the beach, Alona Beach is a good place to go. Lots of resorts line this beach and during the night, the seemingly quiet shore turns into one big party place in the evening.

3. Dolphin and Whale Watching

While enjoying your stay by the beach and if you’re an early riser, catch the dolphin and whales during the wee hours of the morning around 5 am near Pamilican Island. A local boatman will take you to see these great creatures.

4. Tarsiers

Before whale watching, Bohol has already been known to be the home of the smallest mammal in the world, the tarsiers. These wide-eyed creatures can be seen in viewing areas that dot the Panglao Island in Bohol. Just words of caution though, do not by any means take pictures of these gentle creatures with the flash on. They are actually nocturnal animals and get stressed out with sudden flashes of light. According to experts, tarsiers can go into depression and do hara-kiri.

5. Mahogany Forest

These 2 kilometer stretch of man-made Mahogany Forest is located at the border of the towns of Bilar and Loboc. This is a sight to see while driving up to see the Chocolate Hills. Mahogany trees flank the road left and right in perfect geometry.

6. Loboc River Ride

Tired from the sight seeing? Relax, ride on one of the buffet boats along Loboc River and enjoy their lunch and snack buffet meals. This floating restaurant goes downstream and back along the length of the Loboc River for an hour while you feast on Bohol’s dishes and listen to the band playing on the boat.

7. Loboc Children’s Choir

Founded in 1980, the original Loboc Children’s Choir has done the country proud by winning in many competitions abroad, including winning the National Champion of the National Music Competitions for Young Artists (NAMCYA) - Children’s Choir Category, three times. It began as a school choir of 30 elementary students. Catch them in one of their practice sessions in the hall right across the dock where the Loboc River Ride begins. Listen to the fantastic voices of these children and I bet you, you’ll weep.

8. Adventure Tour

Now most of the activities are not just centered in the area of Panglao, Bohol. If you’re looking for some real rough fun, visit the town of Danao and go, tubing, trekking, rappelling, and caving. It currently has the longest and highest zipline in the country.

There are a lot of activities for every tourist in Bohol, whether you’d just want to laze around, go on an adventure or want to explore what the island has to offer!

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