Well, its been a while, <-dang!@#$%&!, the usual tag line... Its okay most likely nobody is really into reading my blogs, just imagine Ive been blogging since what? for the past 8 years. Wow! Driven by my reality checks, fascinated with all life offered and continue to offer. but ah, there are times that I was not able to write,too much of the outside world. So much of Reality. So after all those years with so much things to tell, too many stories that has past by, make me wonder what would be next? what is the future holding for us? Oh well... this is me again pondering, the music, the poetry, the colors of the rainbow... Is there really pot of Gold on the other end? You can find the answer here: POT of Gold? What did you get? A never ending story? Everybody got a dream, but you hold the key on how you can achieve that dream. Dont ever explain yourself for waiting, and being so dependent to someone else, Your dream is only yours. So do something before its flies and never come back at you.

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